Great Money Saving Tips


Everyone wants to save money, but no one wants to change his or her lifestyle to do so. Many people think that the only way to save is to go without; Give up eating out at restaurants, stop going to the movies, stop shopping, etc. This is not the case! It is very simple to still enjoy going out, as well as save money.

You just have to find ways to spend less while going out. Here are some examples:

When going to a restaurant: Continue reading

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A Money Saving Exercise

There is a simple money saving exercise that everyone should do at least once in their lives. It is ultimately one of the best ways to save money, because it is not about pinching pennies, but about discovering what you really want and getting it. It is so simple you may hesitate to try it. Just try it.

Here it is:

  1. List everything that you have spent money on, are currently spending money on, or might spend money on. Continue reading
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Dollar Saving Tips on your Next Car Rental

One of the biggest vacation expenses is a rental car.  Below are a few suggestions on how you can save money on your next rental car.
If you are flying to your vacation destination and have booked the flight either online or through a travel agency, you can more than likely get a discount on your rental car if you book it as part of the package.  The majority of car rental companies collaborate with at least one airline to provide frequent flyer miles or other types of rewards when you rent a car.  In addition, many airlines offer incentive and bonus programs where you get extra miles or extra credit, so be sure to inquire about these programs when making your reservation. Continue reading

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5 Simple Ways To Lower Your Monthly Bills

5 Simple Ways To Lower Your Monthly Bills – And Save Lots Of Money!


Here you’re going to learn several ways to save money every month by lowering your monthly bills.
There are lots of ways to save money, no matter how much of it you have – or don’t have!
Having struggled for many years paying my own bills, I learned many ways to save money. From simple things like food, gas, and clothing, to bigger expenses, like insurance and your mortgage.
All you need to know is where to look to find the savings.  Continue reading

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Changing Your Spending Habits

It is every one dream being a millionaire and retiring with a healthy bank account, but how many people can actually achieve it? So few. This is largely due to lack of discipline in building up their retirement fund and poor spending habits. While building a retirement fund requires time, you can accelerate the process by making incremental but positive changes in your spending habits. Continue reading

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Take Control Of Your Working Life

With the demands on our day to day lives now greater than ever, working the standard 9 to 5 that has been the way for so long, no longer fits in with the schedules of most people, especially as we try to fit our days around so many other responsibilities that take up so much more of our time.

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